The Importance of 3Rs


For our group’s Service Learning activity we’re having a 100%, fully online event on 3R✨

We’re raising awareness for waste management and we’re hosting a talk this Sunday (04/092020) at 4:00PM on Google Meet!! This talk will be delivered by Professor Dr Arun Gupta from Universiti Malaysia Pahang and he’ll be presenting on “Biodegradable Plastic for a Greener Environment”.

There will be prizes worth a total of RM300 waiting to be claimed at the end of the talk, so please please stick around and join us!!

Oh yeah, but did we forget that we’re also having a video about waste management in the works? It’ll be premiering live on Youtube so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for it!! Hint: coming this Sunday! (TMR on 4/10/20)
Hint: coming this Sunday! (TMR on 4/10/20), 4:00PM
Organised by: MCKL Students (A-level)
Sponsored By: IEEE SPS Malaysia Chapter, IEEE ComSoc/VT Joint Chapters

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Link to Join the talk:
Youtube channel:
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