Arduino Programming for Internet of Things (IOT) workshop

Arduino Programming for Internet of Things (IOT) workshop was successfully conducted in Supercomputer Laboratory, FKEE on 5th December 2019. The program is organized by Teaching and Learning Commitee, FKEE in collaboration with IEEE Signal Processing Society Malaysia Chapter and Internet of Things (IOT) Focus Group. This workshop has been facilitated by an expert, Dr. Ansar Bin Jamil. Around 20 academic staffs, support staffs and students from FKEE took part in this workshop. This program is an initiative aimed at improving understanding of basic Arduino programming using Arduino IDE Software and been focusing on IOT applications. Arduino is an open source development board widely used for creating projects and prototypes. Arduino has vast collection of supporting libraries developed by open source users across the world. Learning this platform might help lecturers and students in rapid prototype development their project.
In the first session, participants been introduced to various development boards of Arduino and learnt the development environment for Arduino and its programming system using code that written in the Arduino IDE. Working with Arduino I/O pin was taught initially and participants run small practical like blinking LED and interfacing pushbutton switch. In the second session, the participants learnt to implement simple practical of implementing IOT. The participants been introduced to many concept of programming including working with various types of hardware such as sensors and general electronics components. In a nutshell, the program has been successful as the attendees presumably have acquired a clear understanding about basic Arduino programming for IOT.


Instructor with the participants of the program.


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