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IEEE ICSIPA 2017 is the fifth in the series of this biennial conference. The previous IEEE ICSIPA conferences were major successes with over 70% international participation. Please click on the following links to visit the respective website:

Articles relating to IEEE SPS (Malaysia) and IEEE ICSIPA conferences:

  • IEEE Malaysia Annual Appreciation Award Night 2015 - IEEE SPS Best Performing Chapter
  • 2014 Chapter of the Year Award - IEEE SPS Malaysia Chapter - IEEE Signal Processing Magazine (March 2015 pg. 11)
  • CFP IEEE ICSIPA 2015 - Inside Signal Procesing eNewsletter
  • Chapter of The Year Award 2011 - IEEE SPS Malaysia Chapter
  • Malaysia Chapter Receives the Chapter of the Year Award
  • SPS Malaysia Chapter Organizes ICSIPA 2011
  • IEEE ICSIPA 2009 Held in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia