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IEEE ICSIPA 2015 is seeking original high quality submissions addressing innovative research in the broad field of signal, image and video processing. Papers are solicited on, but not limited to:


1) Image Acquisition and Display:

imaging sensors; acquisition systems; sampling, scanning; quantization; color reproduction; image rendering; display and printing systems; image quality.

2) Image and Video Processing and Analysis:

image filtering; enhancement and restoration; image and video segmentation; image registration; stereoscopic and 3-D processing; video and image sequence processing; morphological processing; low-level feature extraction – color, texture and shape; high-level semantics; pattern recognition and classification; motion analysis and object tracking; object, event and scene recognition.

3) Storage and Retrieval:

image, audio and video databases; multidimensional indexing; content-based retrieval; semantics retrieval; automatic image and video annotation.

4) Coding and Transmission:

image and video coding; audio and speech coding; stereoscopic and 3-D coding; compression standards; image and video transmission over wireless networks.

5) Applied Signal Processing:

signal processing for life sciences data; forensic signal analysis; radar and array processing; seismic signal processing; speech and music processing; smart grid applications; baseband communications; coding theory; digital communications; information theory; software radio; wireless communications; mobile signal processing.

6) Emerging Technologies in DSP:

chaos theory and fractals; higher-order statistical techniques; multi-resolution and wavelet analysis; nonlinear signal processing; social and cloud signal processing; green signal processing; digital RF signal processing; terahertz signal processing.

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